Parties Galore

Admissions dept threw a party on Friday for all the people who had been involved in the admissions process. Spouses were also invited. It was certainly one of the best parties we have had here at ISB, may be because the party was of a different type – it was a party cum cruise in Hussain Sagar lake, here in Hyderabad. Needless to say, we had lots and lots of fun. Booze, food and whatever else you could get in a party were all on the house and people got drunk real crazy ….. some were unable to distinguish the lake from the rest room on board šŸ™‚ . We had lots of fun on the way back too with Rohit K a.k.a McBaba in the best of form. We pulled each others’ legs a lot through modified versions of bollywood songs with McBaba leading the way.

The sad part however is that the Hussain Sagar lake is being maintained real bad. Many people don’t think twice before throwing rubbish into the water and one can feel the stench when standing near the water.

We had a batch party on Saturday with Warikoo a.k.a DJ199 in full swing. Then we had a party yesterday at Barney‘s apartment and had some real good fun. Today we had the section D party … and this one was after a looooooooong loooooooooong time.

Term 8 for me officially ends this Friday when I should be done with the Managing Markets exam. There are some people who are through with their ISB acads today itself. Lucky guys šŸ˜¦

Will post some snaps from the parties later.

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Author: Ram

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