Last Class @ ISB

Just came back from my last class at ISB – the last lecture of Managing Markets by Prof Nirmal Gupta. It was an awesome class, especially because of the case chosen for analysis today. It was a two page case after reading which none of us could have possibly predicted that such a detailed analysis could be done just from the data given.

I just can’t stop raving about how good Prof Nirmal Gupta is. I just feel like becoming his disciple for ever and just keep following him wherever he goes teaching. Of course my hugely negative bank balance and responsibilities towards kith and kin (duniya ke bandhan yaar ….. aur kya) won’t allow me to do that. But one thing I would surely say to the next batch and to the batches after that, at the risk of being responsible for increasing the bid points for Prof Gupta’s courses, is that his courses are a ‘must take’ if you have interest in sales/marketing.

I have an exam tomorrow (the same course – Managing Markets) after which I will officially complete my term 8 and whatever is required of me from the acads side. Just waiting for that moment to arrive (not for the start of the exam but for its end).

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