Its all over !!!!!

Yessssssss …. I am through with all my exams and have completed all acads related requirements here. So god willing and profs and academic services office permitting, I should graduate next week. So what am I doing right now …. relaxing, writing this blog entry and exploring the Yahoo Mail Beta that has come out with this new outlook kind of look. I feel it is much better than the older interface.

I was thinking yesterday night about all the people who have made a difference to my life, if you could term it that way. Here are the names that came up immediately (apart from immediate family):

  • Rajnish – my best friend who has always been there by my side. He was the one responsible for my applying to ISB and consequently spending this wonderful year of my life here.
  • Shri T.R. Dhandapany – my mridangam guru. Though teaching the art of playing percussion instruments is the only means of earning livelihood for him and though he charges very modest fees, he has been kind enough to teach people who couldn’t afford even that much, for free. Whatever little I know about playing percussion instruments is primarily because of what I learnt from him.
  • Mrs. Sophy Jacob – my biology teacher at school who has been a strong influence. I can never forget how much she helped all of her students. Had it not been for fate and my not meeting the minimum age requirements for medical entrance exams, my interest in biology and the way she taught the subject would have possibly taken me on to a career in medicine.
  • ST2 gang @ ST Microelectronics (Anil, Lippika, Gurpreet, Sarika, Don, Rao & Jyoti) – These people changed my life completely (for the good). I would, in all probability, have been a different kind of a person, had I not met these people.
  • Dr. Bhuwan Agrawal – my manager at Motorola/Freescale, a very frank person from whom I have learnt a lot in life. For the four years that I worked there before coming to ISB, he has mostly assigned me work that was at the cutting edge of technology and completely new or that was the “in thing” so to say, for the company and for the semiconductor industry. I have always enjoyed working with him and would have never left my group there had it not been for the urge to do an MBA, a lot of push from Rajnish and the desire to proceed ahead in a different track altogether in life.
  • Dr. Vladimir Zolotov, Dr. Mahbub Rashed, Dr. Ertugrul Demircan & Dr. Rajendran Panda & his team – with whom I had the opportunity to work on a lot of the new stuff at Motorola/Freescale. Vladimir is probably the most intelligent and knowledgeable techie I have ever talked to. He has this knack of explaining complicated stuff in ‘a simple and easy to understand and appreciate’ kind of way.
  • The “IN” gang (mainly Ritu, Jassu, Katya Bhai, Vutu & Amitabh) – with whom I have spent probably the happiest days of my life. We used to freak out like anything.

I have to also thank my quadmates Alok, KP and Vikram and the entire Class of 2006 with whom I spent my year at ISB. Having interacted at least once with almost everyone in the batch and having interacted regularly with so many people, I am sure there are a lot of batchmates who will continue to be my (good) friends for a long time to come, if not for life.

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      Author: Ram

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      1. Vote of thanks kya? You humble bastard: you talk about whatever little you know about percussion instruments? I have never seen a talented player like you dude. I am sure you will go a long way in life both at work and music and I am sure your being humble like this will carry you a long way also. Hope you continue blogging. Wishing you lots of luck.

      2. Thanks Sree.

        Thanks for the wishes hahaha …. would be happy to know who you are coz I can see that you are one of my batchmates for sure.

      3. Glad to know that you had a wonderful time in ISB. I hope that this experience help you in moving ahead in life. I am sure you will do great wherever you go. Ram, this world needs people like you who are good at heart and who beleive in helping other people. All the best for future and enjoy your moment. You deserve it.

        – Rajnish

      4. hey real cute post 🙂 infact its always good to credit a few…esp at this time of the yr.

        yup….wonder how ppl change…come to think of it…ppl help ppl change! dont u think?

      5. So many things/people in so many ways affect our lives and so many times those that have such an effect don’t even know it.
        Its nice for you to take time out and show your gratitude.This is yet another testimony of your humility.Wishing you all the very best.
        Ram,yours was the first ISB blog that I had come across several months ago.And I have been hooked on ever since.I do hope you keep blogging and may be some day I would get an opportunity to see you play the mridangam,some thing I have read on so many blogs about how good you are.

      6. Thanks yaar Rajnish. Thanks Jasmine and thanks M. (Well this reminds me of a vote of thanks given by a certain gentleman here in ISB in which he just said thanks this, thanks that, thanking him, thanking her etc .. 😀 ). Thanks for reading my blog for such a long time.

        Well, I will try my best to keep blogging. Being there in ISB for the year, I had a lot of things to write about. But after April, I will have to search for new topics to write about.

      7. Hi…….

        Just reached ur blog through some search on google.

        It’s really great to read that u still cherish the times we all spend together in ST2 :))

        We all too miss that gang……

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