More parties

S had invited some of us to his home for dinner. I had home-cooked food after a long long time and I must thank S and his wife J for the same. Felt really nice eating such good food without using fork and spoon (with hands of course) after such a long time. Vatha kolambu (a South Indian dish similar to sambar) was prepared real delicious. Unable to move around after stuffing ourselves, we all then sat at one place and sang a lot of songs. After that we moved to K’s house where he and his wife P had kept desserts ready. Watched a real old, hilarious tam movie for some time after that. We then went to the party (April fools day party?) that was organized here.

Life has suddenly become real cool … not that it was real sad types earlier, but then there used to be at least something to do almost everyday. But now, the only main thing that is left is getting all exit related formalities completed. The rest of the day looks so boring.

We have planned for a trip outside Hyderabad and we plan to travel the entire distance on bikes. The time we get up tomorrow, or should I say today, will decide whether we go on the trip or not. I think I better sleep off now if I have the slightest desire to make the trip.

Till the next post then …….. zzzzzz

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Author: Ram

Leadership Coach. Musician. Educator.

2 thoughts

  1. Hi Ram,
    I never wrote here before but have been am hooked to the blogs of you and your batchmates. (My sister was in ISB this year – so the interest- she took a leave of absence) You have nicely portrayed life at ISB. So a great journey comes to an end…and a new one begins. All the best and Congrats. Hope you will continue blogging post-ISB. And do post pictures from graduation.

  2. Hi Neelima,

    Thanks for following our blogs for so long. Will try to blog post ISB too. Will also try to post pictures from graduation.


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