Some snaps from photo shoot and award ceremony

Here are some snaps from the batch photo shoot and the award ceremony that happened yesterday:

Snaps taken during photo shoot

(L to R) Vikram & I

Thats me

Thats me again …

Some of my batchmates from my section (D)

ISB Yound Leader & ISB Torchbearer Award (YLA & TBA)

Ankur Warikoo (YLA & TBA)

Krishna Gopal Depura (YLA & TBA)

Thats me (YLA & TBA)

Rohit Kapoor (YLA & TBA)

Anand (TBA)

Barney a.k.a Bharani (TBA)

Do not have snaps of the other TBA recepients.

Professors & TA of the year

Prof. Krishna Kumar (Best Professor – Core Terms)

Prof. Nirmal Gupta (Best Professor – Elective Terms, my favorite)

Muzaffar Jamal (Best Academic Associate of the year)

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Author: Ramkumar R

Leadership Coach. Musician. Educator.

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  1. Thanks for putting up the photos so quickly. I need the graduation day photos too and I hope you can post them also

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