Graduation day – Class of 2006

Here is a press release about our batch’s graduation ceremony which sums up the event well. I think this should be up on the ISB site also soon. I will also try to post some more snaps from the event soon. So here goes …….


ISB Celebrates its Fifth Successful Graduating Class

Hyderabad, April 8, 2006: The Indian School of Business held its Graduation Day for the Class of 2006 at its campus in Hyderabad today. Three hundred and forty five students were awarded certificates for the Post Graduate Programme in Management at the school’s Fifth Graduation ceremony. Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman TATA Sons Limited, the Chief Guest for the evening gave away the certificates to the students who got on to the stage in black gowns adorned with the School colours, as family and friends watched them glowing with pride. Mr. Rajat Gupta, Chairman of the Governing Board of ISB and Members of the ISB Executive & Governing Board were some of the distinguished guests present on the occasion.

Addressing the ceremony, Professor Rammohan Rao, Dean, Indian School of Business said, “Our students have done exceptionally well. The talents of our students have been well appreciated by the corporate world, and we have had yet another outstanding placements season. It has been our endeavour at the ISB to provide an environment to suit the changing trends of the global business scenario so that the graduating students are well-equipped to take-up meaningful and challenging assignments. We wish all of our graduates the best as they venture off on the paths they have choose to travel.

In an inspiring speech replete with encouragement, the Chief Guest, Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman Tata Sons Limited said that the graduation was, “A great moment for the students because it marked the termination of a curriculum which is amongst the best in the country and also because you head into the business world in India at a very exciting time-a time when India is being seen by the world as a country on the move. And you have an opportunity to play a role in the future development of the country.” He went on to say, “If you believe in what you are trying to do and pursue it and stay with it in a determined manner, I am sure you will succeed.” He concluded his address by wishing the graduating students, “I hope that a class like yours will leave your mark not only on your colleagues in the industry but for future generations to look back on you.”

Thanking the faculty at the ISB and the family members of the students for helping them achieve their goal, Mr. Rajat Gupta, Chairman of the Governing Board of ISB asked the graduating class, “Go with a learning mindset. You will learn from everything you do, but only if you look and have the mindset.” He encouraged the students to help others succeed, “If you make other people successful, they in turn will help you succeed.” He requested the students to learn the habit of giving, “You have got a lot from the society and the institution. Give back to both in whatever measure for it will hold you in great stead.”

Jubilant cheers rent the normally calm atmosphere that characterises the Academic Centre as the Class of 2006 came up to the stage to collect their certificates. The crowning moment of a year that has seen the students achieve many firsts, was witnessed and celebrated by their families and friends who had come in from all over the country, ISB Board members and many corporate honchos.

The School launched with pride, yet another batch of very bright and energetic change drivers to unleash their managerial magic in the industry. At the graduation Shankar Prasad and Gaurav Bansal were awarded the ISB Scholars of Excellence Awards in recognition of their all-round exceptional academic performance. The ISB Merit Scholarships were awarded to the top 53 students of the class for their distinctive performance in various spheres during the year of study.

Shankar Prasad, a proud student and one of the top performers of the Class of 2006 said, “I was thrilled to be a part of a student group drawn from all over the world with diverse backgrounds. It’s been a challenging year but every moment has been worth it. We would like to thank the ISB for giving to us an environment of learning and instilling in us a drive to achieve this monumental goal. We owe it to the world-class faculty for being our instructors, mentors, and friends during our memorable stint at the ISB.”

The outgoing class organized successful summits and knowledge sharing sessions in different spheres which saw participation from eminent business and political leaders, leading academicians and young achievers. Some of the notable ones being – organizing the ISB Leadership Summit which provided a platform for evoking thought leadership in a global business environment, IkshaaThe Marketing Summit giving valuable insights to the marketers of tomorrow and the healthcare summit giving an overview of the healthcare industry which is becoming increasingly diverse. The varied experiences and approaches adopted by the students through the year contributed to enriching the learning experience at the ISB.

As the evening came to a close moods of joy slowly faded to one tinged with a touch of sadness as the realisation dawned that the incredible experience that is the ISB had come to an end for another class. The young men and women who said the final hurrah at the campus this evening were now moving out, ready to script their individual destinies.


About the ISB


The Indian School of Business is a research-oriented independent management institution that grooms future leaders for India and the world. Its association with the Kellogg School of Management, The Wharton School, and London Business School make it one of its kind in Asia. The School offers a one-year Post Graduate Programme; short-duration, high-powered Executive Education programmes for CEOs and senior executives; and a two-year Research Fellowship Programme. The origins and distinctive research of our faculty members ensure that our programme content is contemporary and global in its perspective, and develops our students’ understanding of modern management opportunities and challenges.

For more information, please contact:

Bhuvana Ramalingam
Director – Communications
Indian School of Business
Tel: 09394568016

Chief Guest, Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman Tata Sons Limited with Rajat Gupta, Chairman, ISB at the Graduation Day Ceremony of the Class of 2006 at the ISB.


Professor M Rammohan Rao, Dean , ISB shaking hands with the Chief Guest Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman Tata Sons Limited during the Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2006 at the ISB.



Chief Guest Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman Tata Sons Limited , speaking at the Graduation Day Ceremony at the ISB.


Graduating Students of the Class of 2006 at the ISB

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