I m home

Imhome. Reached here yesterday afternoon and since then have been sleeping and eating home made food for most of the time. Spent the day watching India get thrashed by England in cricket.

Got a call from KP yesterday just a few minutes after I arrived here and it felt really nice to talk to him. We, along with Alok and Vikram, had a real cool time as quadmates for one year. Wonder who will be allocated our quad in the next batch and how lively they would keep it. The housekeeping guys at ISB, while doing the exit formalities, told us that ours was the most lively quad they had seen in the last 2-3 years they had been here. Something or the other always used to happen in our quad … either movie screening or general chat or bitching sessions or something else. Miss them a lot now.

Next post will most probably be from ISB.

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Author: Ram

Leadership Coach. Musician. Educator.

6 thoughts

  1. hey Ram…though u never mentioned it the other bloggers did abt ur job…so congrats! 🙂

    n i know wat its like going back home…missing the ol pally times….i swear…got me nostalgic :)tc n have fun!

  2. Hello,

    Have benefitted from your inputs on the Yahoo Group as well as enjoyed reading your blog from time to time.

    Just wrote out an entry saying my next blog will be from ISB :)…Came to your blog and voila! deja vu. Keep blogging

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