Last day at ISB

Today is my last day as a student in the Class of 2006 at ISB.

The campus looked so full of life today morning, but since then a lot of people have left this place and there is a strange calmness all around now. When I went to have dinner a few hours back, the student dining room was empty with just one or two people trickling in once in a while. The realization that I am no longer going to be here did not dawn on me as much till then as it did when I saw the empty dining hall. It was a really strange feeling and I just didn’t want to leave this place. I generally get attached to places but have never experienced such a sense of belongingness ever before. The one that comes closes to this is the feeling I had when I left Motorola/Freescale to join ISB.

I will be leaving for Delhi in a few hours time and intend to come back to ISB on 14th of this month for next batch’s orientation week. May not be able to blog for the next 2-3 days time. Will be back with more graduation snaps and news from the orientation week then.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank all the people who have been reading this blog and have been leaving comments regularly to make it lively. Hope I continue to blog and hope you continue to support this blog by visiting it whenever time permits.

Love you ISB ………. goodbye …….. will try to be back soon.

11 thoughts on “Last day at ISB

  1. Vijay,

    Great to have you comment on this blog. Just checked the sitemeter account for the hits on the blog. The average for the last two weeks is real high. Either there is some problem with the account or admirers have turned up in large numbers (which is highly unlikely). Will check once I get back to ISB. This cybercafe from where I am accessing ent right now su**s big time. I am almost hammering on the keyboard to get characters up on screen.

    Redeye, Jasmine, Snoop, Adarsh, M, Shubhyant & Rajat:
    Thanks a lot for all the good wishes. My next destiantion is Infosys.


    Called u up twice today. Will mail u my delhi no.


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