Orientation Time

Its orientation time for the new batch here at ISB. Till now they have been tortured with all the official presentations and they are spending most of their day in the auditorium here. We had the treasure hunt and some of the student club presentations today. The presentation of the day was by ‘Bhakti Club’ and ATA, its president was awesome, as he always is. The kind of questions that were asked by the new batch during most of the presentations have made us stay rest assured that they will be able to do CP relentlessly and keep the flag flying high.

I went to my quad today to check out who were its new occupants and to my surprise found it empty. Only a few housekeeping guys were there doing some work. Looks like the quad has not yet been allotted to anyone yet.

Tomorrow we have an event planned for almost the entire day called “Bind Unwind” which will keep the new batch occupied outdoors for most of the time. We have really enjoyed putting this event together for them and we hope they enjoy it too.

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Author: Ram

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  1. Ram,

    The entire orientation week planned by the alums has been fabulous; of course with the nuggets of wisdom thrown in on “teamwork” by you during the Bind Unwind session.

    Guess, the alums have spoilt us by sharing so much information and repeatedly offering to respond to our never-ending queries. well, then unashamedly we shall continue to trouble during the course of the next year.

    Thanks for all the help you have lent us in the past months from pre-application to orientation at ISB

  2. Thanks Nikhil. We had a lot of fun putting together the event and hope you enjoyed it too. It was also really nice to meet in person many people with whom I have interacted only through mails till now.

  3. Reading all the post about the orientation, I am wondering what I would’ve felt. Looks like the new ISB batch is getting its moneys worth and much more. 🙂
    (I am Swapnil Deopurkar, Swapnil who did not join ISB)

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