Alum life during orientation week

This is how a typical alumnus, if you could think of one, would spend his day at ISB during the orientation week:

9:30AM – Get up wondering if it is already past 10AM and if breakfast would have already been over (Sarovar closes breakfast session at 10AM). Happy that it is not 10AM yet. Make up mind to get up, do morning ablutions and rush for breakfast

10AM – “Chodo yaar … kaun jaayega itni door breakfast karne … lunch kar lenge”. Go outside the room, do a lot of timepass, talk to others who have just gotten up.

11AM – Go to the atrium or to the auditorium to either give gyaan (read “talk to a fresh ISBian”) or listen to what gyan others from his/her batch are giving

1:30PM – Time for lunch. Bitch about Sarovar food still being all the same but eat it to heart’s content

2:30PM – Time to go back to the atrium and again start talking to batchmates or to the new Class of 2007 guys/gals

5PM – Time to go back to Executive Housing, the place where we are put up

5:30PM – Come back to our rooms, check mails and talk to people around

8:00PM – Time for dinner. Move slowly to the dinner hall

9:00PM – Time to go to the auditorium for gyaan sessions during the night

11:30PM – All gyaan sessions over. Time to move to the party that is happening in one of the student villages

4AM – The number of people who are still left dancing is very less. It is time to move back to room to catch some sleep

5AM – Come back to room and start sleeping

….. and the cycle continues

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Author: Ram

Leadership Coach. Musician. Educator.

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  1. Yup … but then I think the present batch would have had much more fun because our batch made many changes based on our experience. I am sure it would just go on getting better and better for future batches.

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