Snaps from outbound activity

A group of students from our batch (including me) went for an outbound activity at the beginning of last week to Greenfields, located at the outskirts of Hyderabad, near the Usman Sagar lake. We had two full days of fun, fun and just fun. We played a lot of games, learnt and/or reinforced our learnings on a lot of stuff and also decided what all games to include for the new batch of students, to be conducted as a part of the “Bind Unwind” activity during their orientation. Here are some snaps from the same …….

Girish a.k.a Giks getting his harness strapped from Piru (one of our hosts at Greenfields)Thats me on the Burma Bridge

Thats a sample of the greenery @ greenfields for you

Ashok, who was one of the guys in my group, doing the group’s dance

A group of students has their hands knotted while playing the “Knotty Game”

Thats probably how worse the knots can get

Zenobia, our sweet instructor, doing CP … i.e., explaining some fundae

My group having some real fun moving around playing “Tied in a rope”

Zenobia in action … fundae again

Our tents getting drenched in the rain

The landing terminals prepared by the three groups in the egg-drop game

Thats the entire group of students

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Author: Ram

Leadership Coach. Musician. Educator.

4 thoughts

  1. hey nice pics esp the knot hands game 🙂 n the egg dropper…

    so temme more abt these games 🙂 they look n sound interesting eps the whole knot hands game….

  2. Ram, would appreciate if u have any info to share on Bond futures? im researching on this topic and am at a stage to see if its feasible to come up w. an index for the same. would appreciate if you can share any info that u might have, papers or links…absolutely anything!

  3. M,

    The name “bind unwind” was given to the activity only this time. We have been having similar games before also but the activity has been a bit elaborate this time.


    Will post description of some of the games in the comments section soon.


    I am not the right guy for info on bond futures as I am not a fin guy. Will contact some of my friends and try to get some info for you. Can you provide your contact details please. in case I get some information, I will pass it on to you. BUt it may take some time as I may not have internet access for the next few days.

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