Kaun hai woh karorpati?

I had ordered an external hard disk from a Hyderabad dealer just a few days before the orientation week for the new batch came to an end. This is how the initial part of the conversation with the guy (HDDwala) who came to deliver the hard disk went (just imagine that guy speak Hindi Hyderabadi style):

HDDwala: Aap foreign jaa rahe ho naa?
Ram: Mein samjha nahi?
HDDwala: Naukri ke liye foreign jaa rahe ho naa? Yahaan toh sabki naukri baahar hi lagti hai?
Ram: Nahi …. meri naukri abhi toh India mein hi hai.
HDDwala: Kyun? Aapke number ache nahi aaye kya?
Ram: What? @#$%^$#
HDDwala: Maine suna hai jinke number ache aate hain unka naukri baahar lag jata hai
Ram: (Thinking …. poor McKinsey guys …. got such good grades but will be based out of India)
HDDwala: Matlab aap kabhi baahar jaa hi nahi paaoge kya?
Ram: (Thinking – abe bas kar yaar) Nahi maine aisa nahi kaha … naukri mein ho sakta hai baahar jaana pad jaaye
HDDwala: Acha … aapko ek crore ka tankha (salary) mila kya?
Ram: (Thinking .. when will this guy stop) Nahi
HDDwala: Kisko mila
Ram: Woh mein nahi bata sakta
HDDwala: Aapko kitna mila?
Ram: Woh bhi nahi bata sakta …. aap hard disk ki baat karenge please?
HDDwala: Haan ji … waise naye class ke log aa gaye hain kya?
Ram: Haan … hard disk laayen hain aap?


9 thoughts on “Kaun hai woh karorpati?

  1. par finally woh ek crore waala kaun hai??

    arre bahi kahan ho…i was wondering if u were still alive??

    guess who this is…someone u know well….and have forgotten of late…
    hint: am of the same sex as you…i know imaginations can run wild.. šŸ˜‰

  2. kaun hai bhai anonymous ? gk kya?

    The first thing that comes to the common man when hearing about ISB (i.e. if he has heard about it before) is 1 crore and the next thing is usually President Bush’s visit.

  3. that was a pretty good gues and a correct one…i’m sure that’ll encourage u to give me a call…or will it??

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