Some observations

* The number of ants in the office campus seems to be much less than the number of employees 🙂
* The time taken to return from office is more than the time taken for a class at ISB to finish (2 hrs+)
* The number of one-way roads in Bangalore will probably be more than that in any other city I have visited. But for these one-way roads, traffic at many places here would not be moving even at the snail’s pace at which it does now
* The amount of smoke that you inhale here by stepping out on a busy road for 10 seconds would be more than the amount you would inhale in ISB and the area around it in probably 10 years (if it remains at the condition at which it is in now)

9 thoughts on “Some observations

  1. ennada Ram – are you able to get into the job mindset? I dont think i will be able to work after the pampered one year at ISB! – Giks

  2. rM,
    Quite true. BTW, I went to some residential localities in the outskirts and those places look quite nice.

    The initial two days here have been quite boring with all the procedural things happening. Actual job hasn’t started yet and I don’t think it is going to start for another two weeks at least. Will keep u posted. Just want to start getting the sal so that I can start paying off the loan 🙂

  3. Ram:

    If you say that… what would lesser mortals like me do…

    With Ramki & NBT around you should feel secure… 😉 [No Pun !!]

    Cheers, Karthik.

  4. M,

    Billions of blue blistering barnacles … yes, I used to be an avid reader of Tintin. Where did you get that from … orkut?


    When are you coming to B’lore

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