Looking for South Indian food in B’lore?

If you are looking for some really good South Indian food in Bangalore then come over to MTR. Ramki took me and two other friends to Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (or MTR in short), a very old restaurant located near Lalbagh, just a few feet away from the Lalbagh-Fort road today for dinner. Locals know the restaurant well, but if you are not one, it might be a bit difficult to spot it. But the restaurant is so famous that most people would be able to guide you to it. The food (basically meals that cost us Rs. 80 in all) was simply awesome, probably one of the best South Indian stuff I have had in a long time.

6 thoughts on “Looking for South Indian food in B’lore?

  1. Hey ,
    i didn’t know you had to search for good south indian food in bangalore.after all it’s in south India.Anyway Ram,when r u joining Infy?

  2. u liked the sweet kannadiga sambar from MTR????? i used to hate that food – anyways this shows that u will survive well in bangy!

  3. Siva,

    I already joined Infy.


    May be they have changed their Sambar because wherever else I went I got onl;y sweet sambar but the one I got at MTR was decent and even had some mirch in it. May be someone has given them some kind of feedback or may be I was lucky to go on a day when they didn’t prepare their sambar well 🙂

  4. I heard much about Indian food on discovery channel and lol, belive me i was amazed to see the diversified culture in India. Varied food culture for different states. Really India is a nice country for food too. Yummy !

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