Found a house at last

After searching for a house for nearly everyday after office hours along with two of my batchmates, I have managed to finally find one and shift in. I will be posted in Bangalore, at least for some time to come.

The stop for the office bus is at a manageable walking distance and the buses ply frequently. Most of the buses operating in the morning on Bangalore roads seem to be Infy buses. I have heard that about 200+ buses ply one way to fetch people in the mornings at different timings. I guess the way the admin staff manages the bus operation is really commendable.

On to other things …. I have been wanting to write about my learnings/views about B-School application process, writing resume etc but have not been able to do so primarily due to lack of a stable internet connection. Having gotten the basic stuff necessary to stay in a rented house, I guess TV, internet access etc will come next and I will then try to share my learnings.

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