Life these days

Here is how a typical day of mine looks like these days:

5:45AM – Wake up
7:00AM – Catch the bus to office
8:30AM – Induction starts after a good breakfast. Go and SIT (Sleep In Training)
12:30PM – Time for lunch
1:30PM – Post lunch session start
5:30PM – Leave office
7:30PM – Reach home
8:30PM – Go out for dinner
10PM – Watch TV
1:00AM – Go to sleep.

The initial days of induction were somewhat boring with all the usual process related stuff being discussed. The last two days have been really interesting where we had a really good sales related training conducted.

5 thoughts on “Life these days

  1. 2 hrs to travel!!! wat kinda jungle u stayin in dude? 😛 cmmon 2 hrs is like tooooo much isnt it? n need more update on the sales training plz put up somethiin on dat one….

  2. Karthik,
    Staying in Bangalore; but you should see the traffic on Hosur road in the evenings.

    Kya karoon … have to catch the bus at 7AM.

    Yes … I am aligned to HTDM.

    The sales training was on consultative selling and was conducted by NIS Sparta & Infosys. Will post whatever I can on that soon.

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