A day in heaven

One of the places on this planet which could qualify as heaven for employed youth is the Infy campus at Mysore. Our batch of B-School grads who joined Infy this month went to the Mysore campus for a day to participate in a session on team building and needless to say, had a lot of fun. We reached there Friday night and spent a lot of time cycling around the campus and looking with awe at the facilities and infrastructure. We also spent quite some time at the bowling alley there. The rooms at the Employee Care Center where we stayed were also well furnished and equipped with all that one would probably need apart from his/her clothes and other personal belongings during his/her stay there. For people who have stayed at the ISB Exec Housing, the rooms in the Infy campus were almost similar. There is also a cricket ground there with side screens. All in all, a great place to be working in !!! Googled out this link where you can find some snaps of the campus: http://www.flickr.com/photos/88185180@N00/

Just read sometime back that Saina Nehwal won the Philippines Open badminton tournament, thus becoming the first Indian woman ever to win a tournament of this level. Hope she continues and adds many more feathers to her cap. With tennis probably being much more of a craze than badminton among the Indian masses (have no figures to back this up), it would be interesting to watch whether she starts endorsing products like Sania Mirza soon.

3 thoughts on “A day in heaven

  1. Hello. its been a while…well i tried collaging a few of my snaps w. picasssaa but it hasnt turned out to be good….not the way ive wanted it….thought mayb bec there are a lot of pics…but it reminded that u had wayyy to many pics than me in one of ur posts…can u say how to make it better?

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