Fa-Naa …. naa …. naaa

The perfect example of how a movie could be spoilt despite having a good star cast is Fanaa. Saw the movie at PVR, Bangalore two days back. Though Aamir Khan and Kajol try their best to infuse life into a otherwise dead movie, their efforts bear no fruit. As my friend Ramki put it, “we are still searching for the story”. If you have not yet watched Fanaa and end up sitting in a movie hall that is screening it, things that you can still watch out for are Aamir and Kajol’s acting, some really good photography and of course, Sanaya Irani, who plays Bobo, one of the girls in Kajol’s troupe. You end up wondering what is Sanaya doing there … she should probably have been given a role of higher importance in the movie. Bharani had written in his blog – “Worth watching half-the-movie…Which half depends on your preference!”. Sanaya certainly makes the first half worth watching 🙂

Having said all that, I would say you should go ahead and watch Fanaa if you are an Aamir Khan fan like me.

13 thoughts on “Fa-Naa …. naa …. naaa

  1. Sanaya irani did a great job in fanaa and made the film’s first part really worth watching. I’ll be thankful if I could have her pics.. please!

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