I am connected

We have an internet connection at home now and that too one that works real quick. Setting up our home is almost complete except for getting the washing machine to work.

Ramki and Kost, my apartment mates went to see the movie Omen yesterday. I couldn’t accompany them as I had to go to Chennai for a day to attend a family function and the thought of having real good food and meeting up with my folks was too strong a driver for me to go there. There is apparently a scary scene in the movie that appears all of a sudden and when that scene came, the guy sitting next to Kost (not Ramki) jumped up and grabbed his arm all of a sudden. Poor Kost … pity his condition …. a scary scene on the screen and some real life scare too. Ramki, I bet would have been busy eating pop-corn and wouldn’t have even batted his eyelid.

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