A busy weekend

Went to Chennai this weekend to spend some time with my parents who had come there but ended up spending most of the time with friends. Met with a few ISB batchmates in Chennai on Saturday. It all started with the 4:15PM show of the Tom Cruise starrer MI-3. The movie is a good timepass with lots of stunts that actors in apna bollywood can use for their films in future. My friends told me that a couple of scenes in the movie looked to have been lifted straight from Captain’s (Vijaykanth’s) tamil movies. I think bollywood need not look outside the country for stunts anymore.

After the movie, we went to Amethyst where we recounted the wonderful days spent at ISB, over coffee. Most of the time was spent talking about Rajani. Though his activities are the usual topic of discussion whenever we all meet, there was lot more excitement in narrating Rajani’s escapades as his fiancee had also come with him. The best part is the sporting way in which Rajani takes everything. He would come second only to KP (my quadmate at ISB) in this. We then had dinner in Saravana Bhavan and went to KR’s house to watch Ghana thrash Czech Republic in the World Cup.

Sunday was spent in buying albums of my favorite singer T.M.Krishna that I do not have in my collection yet and in attending Sikkil C Gurucharan’s 4-hour long carnatic vocal concert at the Music Academy Mini Hall. More about the concert in the next post.

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