A trip to Srirangapatnam/Mysore – Part 2

Part 1 of this post can be accessed here.

After seeing Sangam and boating in a coracle there, we went to Ranganathittu which is a bird sanctuary spread over many islets on the river Cauvery. Located about 3 kms from Srirangapatnam, it is considered to be a paradise for bird watchers and a beautiful, calm and quiet place to spend time well for those uninitiated in ornithology like me. We again went boating here. The short boating trip of 15-20 min took us around a couple of the small islets and we got a chance to watch some species of birds (including crows .. yes, crows are there everywhere) and other animals (read alligators) too. There is also a longer boating trip for about an hour that takes you to other places along the river and you might be able to spot other kinds of birds, if you are lucky.

Here are a few snaps from Ranganathittu:

Thats Sriram … ready to take off
(L to R) Kaustubh & Murali

If you joom .. sorry zoom this (I think I have been watching a lot of Captain Vijaykanth movies), you will see an alligator with its mouth open. This is all we could capture since it was very far from us
Some of the birds we saw

Aieeeen …. magarmach aka alligator

One of the rarest species of birds … the great CROW !!!

Click here to access Part 3

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