A trip to Srirangapatnam/Mysore – Part 3

Click Part 1 and Part 2 to access the earlier posts on this topic.

The last place in our itenarary was Mysore. We first visited the Mysore Palace. Its construction culminated in 1912 at a cost of Rs. 41.5 lakhs then. There were apparently three palaces at the same site earlier, each of them having been destroyed either through demolition or by fire. You would have to set aside about an hour if you want to see the palace fully. You can see artifacts and paintings belonging to the Wodeyar dynasty in the museum. There are also some beautiful paintings by Ravi Verma. Though cameras are not allowed inside the palace, you can get some internal pictures from the counter for Rs. 4/snap.

We then visited Brindavan gardens. We reached there at about 7PM, went up to see the dam over river Cauvery and then came back to see the garden and the fountains. The musical fountain is one thing that you should not miss here. The show they have put up is really nice.

Here are some snaps (the ones taken in Brindavan Gardens are not very clear as my camera battery had almost drained out and the night mode shots didn’t come out well):

1) Mysore Palace:

2) Brindavan Gardens:

9 thoughts on “A trip to Srirangapatnam/Mysore – Part 3

  1. abbe…tum kitne saalon ke liye gaye the….teri stories khatam hi nahi ho rahi…!!!

    awesome snaps btw…u hv an eye..! very nice

  2. Waaarrrrriiikkooooooo,

    Kahani khatam is post ke saath … no more episodes …. abey mujhe bhi toh kuch chaahiye naa likhne ke liye :-

    When will u be back in Delhi?


    Thanks, as always, for the appreciation.

    Ramki: I will deal with you personally.

  3. Hello,
    Please take note that it should be “SRIRANGAPATANA” not Srirangapatnam.


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