For your taste buds

Apart from the numerous regular South Indian delicacies you can savour in Bangalore, there are some special dishes which don’t seem to be available anywhere else (at least not in the cities I have been to). Here is a sample:

1) Banana chappati

2) Snakeguard pallya (I think they wanted to refer to the vegetable snakegourd)

3) Carrot kulcha (kulche ki toh waat laga di yaar)

4) Grilled mixed-fruit veg sandwich (contains even chikkoo a.k.a sapota … grilled)

5) Veg masala parota (this is roti with potato inside, like a masala dosa)

6) Wotermilk (buttermilk sunaa hai … yeh wotermilk kya hai?)

You name something edible and you can be sure it will have sugar in it. Yes … this list includes upma, sambaarcoconut chutney too. Blame it on adaptation – normal sambar tastes abnormal to me now. Vada dipped in sweet sambar tastes so good these days. Looks like I will have to eat home made food for at least a month as a part of rehabilitation therapy. Wonder if this part of the world has the highest number of diabetics.

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