No pain, no gain

I visited the gym in ISB once during my stay there as a student and never went again for reasons best known to most one day gymmers. A few days back, I had this wonderful idea from somewhere to start using the office gym. Armed with the required accessories and a determination to not let it end as a one day affair this time, I started using the gym this Monday. I was content doing cycling and using the treadmill when one of my colleagues here suggested that I talk to the gym instructor. After two days of following the regimen prescribed by the gym instructor, my arms started aching badly. The pain has now extended to the shoulders too. My hand-to-mouth existance (literally and otherwise) has now been converted to a mouth-to-hand existance as I have to now move my mouth towards my hands to have food due to inability to lift my hands. The determination still persists though and I hope I continue visiting the gym at least for some time to come.

As the gym instructor in ISB used to say to my quad-mate Vikram – “No pain, no gain”.

6 thoughts on “No pain, no gain

  1. Oye Ram…Enna gyma? Kalakku po 🙂

    What is your goal? Weight-reduction / Mass-building / Aerobics & Fitness?. From what I saw you last, i think you be following weight-reduction regiment…;) But man, it is becoming difficult to go to fitness centre when the work is busy…It is good that Infy is providing gym in the office itself..enjoy…keep us posted on your progress…Another Ram Abraham or Ram Roshan in the making 🙂

  2. Baarney paavi … my goal should be all three I guess … in the order you mentioned. I agree its very difficult to maintain the regimen though (even with the gym in the same campus).

    As for the last part of your comment, I wouldn’t mind becoming Ram Abraham or Ram Roshan if it also means association with the Bipashas and Priyankas of the world 😉

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