Worldspace Satellite Radio

I got my Worldspace Satellite Radio subscription activated yesterday. For more details on what Worldspace is and what it offers, please visit the website . The primary motivation behind getting it was a 24×7 music channel dedicated to Carnatic music called Shruti, a 24×7 Hindustani classical music channel called Gandharv and no channel dedicated to Himesh Reshammiya. Going by the programs that were broadcast yesterday, I should say that I am happy with the subscription. I just hope they don’t start repeating the programs too often.

Apart from these two channels, there are 38 more including the ones on old bollywood numbers, latest bollywood hits, punjabi songs and tam movie songs. Refer to the Worldspace website for more details.

FYI … Advaita is organizing a thematic concert on rare ragas and kritis by veteran Carnatic music Vidwan Sri R.K.Srikantan today in R.V.Dental College Auditorium, 1st Phase, J.P.Nagar, Bangalore. The concert is expected to be from 6:30PM to 9:30PM. Tickets can be bought at the venue. Tickets were priced at Rs 40/head, the last time I attended a concert organized by the same people.

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