Balayya – The God of Cinema

I had posted 2 links of one of the greatest heroes of all times “Balayya” a few days back. Ever since getting introduced to his clips available on the net, one of my colleagues at office has become so enchanted with them that he has almost gone through every clip of his available on the net. Here are two clips that would probably be rated by many including me and my colleague as two of his best ever …… you just shouldn’t miss these two ….. again please do remember … though it is not important to know the language (I for one don’t) because Balayya portrays emotions so beautifully (remember the moustache effect) 😉 , yet the real effect comes out only when you watch the clips at high volume. Also allow the clips to stream in once fully and then watch them over and over:


Balayya ….. thou art the greatest …… you have succeeded in surpassing even the greatest of all greats Mithun da and Captain Vijaykanth.

If you also want some entertainment from Hollywood, watch this version of matrix with the fart ‘n’ fight sequences:

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