Vettaiyadu Vilayadu


Saw the movie a few hours back and I must say its worth a watch at least once even if you have seen Gautham Menon’s earlier movie “Kaakka Kaakka”. In fact if you have not seen “Kaakka Kaakka”, you might end up rating this movie much higher than you would otherwise. The reason is that the movie really becomes predictable at many places and the way the movie evolves is very similar to the way the Kaakka Kaakka story goes.

The movie songs are becoming really famous and are being played in many TV channels, but I sincerely feel that the music is not worth all the praise it is getting. The songs aren’t all that great ….. agreed that the song that introduces Kamal Hassan in the movie is good considering the purpose the song is supposed to serve. The song “paartha mudhal” sung by Unni Menon and Bombay Jayashri is also nice. But Harris Jayaraj’s music I feel is getting really repetitive and very very predictable. When I first heard praise about the movie’s songs, I had thought that there will be something really out of the ordinary and I must say that there is nothing like that at all. May be my expectations were very high which led to the disappointment.

Kamal Hassan, Prakash Raj and Daniel Balaji have played their parts really well. The camera work is also very good at many places and so is the direction. At least one dialogue that could have been avoided, in my opinion, is the one that Kamal Hassan, playing the role of DCP Raghavan, tells NYPD detective Anderson – “It’s a hunch …. It’s a gut feeling ….. Back home, they call it the Raghavan instinct

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