Jillunu Oru Kadhal – Movie

Calling the movie pathetic would be glorifying it. Saw the 9:50PM show on the first day of release of the movie in Bangalore and to just sit through it was an ordeal very difficult to manage. It is a total waste of time, money and all the other good things that come to your mind. You would actually do better by donating the money you are planning to spend on the tickets for some noble cause.

The director Krishna had said earlier: “It would be a never-seen before experience for the audience. Rahman’s excellent musical score has given me more courage“. Very true …. you would probably have never seen such a sick and timepass movie before. A.R. Rahman’s below average and really boring music for this movie would have really given him more encouragement in his endeavors. This coming from a die-hard A.R.Rahman fan like me should give you an indication of the ordeal I went through.

But for the really enthu crowd in the theatre that kept on cracking joke after joke for almost every scene, I would not have been able to just sit through. I was just hoping that at least the comedy Actor Vadivel would come in a couple of more scenes but the director has wasted Vadivel also. He comes in just a few scenes and then vanishes. One of Surya’s (the hero’s) friends (don’t know his actual name) has done some real good comedy in the movie. This along with some of the scenes where Bhumika Chawla comes is probably the only saving grace.

2 thoughts on “Jillunu Oru Kadhal – Movie

  1. The other comedian’s name is Santhanam.

    The movie is very good. Those who never have experienced love, and feels like how it is to lose a loved one, would never understand the movie.

    Don’t attempt to see romantic movies in future, unless you fall in love.

    Stick to your passion of music dude. Your loved one will size you up accordingly.

  2. Well … everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. May be I was a bit harsh with the above review but then haven’t met a single soul before reading your comment who has talked about the movie in a positive tone. And talking about romantic movies …. there are so many awesome ones … I certainly wouldn’t count this one in their league. But as I said, everyone need not have the same opinion about one subject and you are very much entitled to have your point of view.

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