Change in co-ordinates

Moved over the weekend on a transfer to the city Ford probably hates the most – Chennai. The very first extended interaction I had was with the group of people who again probably are hated the most by Ford ….. yes … autowallas of Chennai ….. did maatha pachi for a long time to get a deal just right despite having the pre-paid guys give me a bill which the autowallas as usual did not respect at all. Will miss the awesome Bangalore weather and the sweet Bangalore sambar for a long time to come. Have already become a shade darker in the Chennai heat 😦

The move to Chennai means a chance to hear more concerts (work permitting). This also means that the “Concerts in Bangalore” page on this blog might not get updated very often due to lack of information ….. but more stuff will appear in the “Concerts in Chennai” page soon. 

16 thoughts on “Change in co-ordinates

  1. Ford: Here goes my prayer for the night… wish it comes true. One Glenfiddich for you if it comes true…

    “Jesus, Bhagwan, Allah…
    Please transfer FORD to Chennai – His Haven. Given the recent trends, I will do my best to get all the milk available. May the water in ‘Marina’ & ‘Elliots’ beach turn sweet with FORD’s presence. AMEN !!”

  2. Ford … anything you say ….. I know you will always think for my well-being. May be as SK says you can also come over here and then you can help me escape

  3. Raam – I could ,but I wont … too risky … My good friend KS would help you escape … he has a lot of contacts …
    And KS … I know for a fact that none of your prayers come true so Im not worried …. 😉

  4. Ha! You’re in culture central if you ask me :-).
    Start going to the plays in town. Start taking carnatic music lessons again. Learn instruments n stuff! I’m sure you have more spare time now since you’re not stuck in traffic jams 😉

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