Hindi Cricket Commentary – Unbeatable

If you ever feel depressed in life and think life could not have been worser, just hear Hindi cricket commentary (even if it is the highlights of an age old match telecast for the nth time on DD). You might end up laughing your heart out.

Take for instance the World Cup cricket match yesterday between Sri Lanka and Ireland. Ireland had appealed for a run out and third umpire was called into action. TV replays were showing M. Jayawardene cross over safely before the ball hit the wicket and the bails got dislodged. The Hindi commentator (a former Indian cricketer) tells something to this effect as his conclusion from the action replay: “aisa lag raha hai ki gend lagne ke bahut der baad bails aaraam se gir rahe hain (it appears as though the bails are getting dislodged slowly, a long time after the ball hit the wickets)” 😀 🙂 ….. and I am ROTFL !!!!

7 thoughts on “Hindi Cricket Commentary – Unbeatable

  1. Ram,
    It is the same case with the English Commentary. Have you listened to Ranjith Fernando and the likes.

    The art of commentary is not there with any of the current set of commentators. They give stupid remarks and repeat the obvious. Many a times they forget that we too get to watch the match on TV. The ghost of Radio commentary still remain with them.

    I started to watch the matches with ‘mute’ on.

  2. But then usually the English commentary team at least has a few people who are good at it. The Hindi one looks to be full of clowns.

  3. Another interesting commentry piece,

    Maravan Attapattu was making his debut, in singer cup just after 96 world cup. Think it was telecast in DD/starsports. One fellow did a commentry saying.. aab aa rahe hein sri lanka ke ballae baaz maraavan appatattu

  4. Hindi Commentary is entertaining indeed. English comments could be serious if they come from non-Asians! Very often, I find that the same phrases/sentences are repeatedly used at (un)suitable places in both English and Hindi. For instance, “Sachin should play his natural game today…”.
    Also, one gets to hear words like “catcher”, “batter”,”stopper” etc.
    Don’t know if it is more in use only in the recent years.
    Hindi commentary usually includes a lot of English words. I am reminded of a conversation like this-

    Commentator 1: “Ganguly ne gaind ko sweep kar diya hai boundary ki taraf…aur ek shandaar chaukka”
    Commentator 2(in total agreement): “Ganguly bahut achche sweeper hain” ??!!!!

  5. this one fromm aamir sohail durin world cup….

    “shahid afridi’s fastest ball is very quick”

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