10 thoughts on “Palghat Raghu – The next Sangeetha Kalanidhi

  1. Palghat Raghu is a dull accompanist with no mridangam nadam.His mridangam plating sounds like a pat on the back of a buffalo’s back.Thanks to the fact that he is PMI’s desciple ,he made some headway otherwise….

    1. Please think twice before you make such comments. I think you have no business to comment about him. We are small fries compared to the legend that he was. Stop commenting and shows the kind of person you are and its so disgusting and personally very provocative and annoying!!!! Noncense!!!!!

  2. The greatest mridangist of all times in my humble view would be Palghat Mani Iyer who was a good player for songs and would not indulge in unnecessary korvais of which many today are guilty of.Trichi Sankaran,Sivaraman,Karaikudi Mani would also be high on the list followed by T.K.Moorthy who I feel is underrated.Palghat Raghu was a good tani player but a poor accompanist .He was actually not preferred by many singers who felt the same.He was particularly a bad accompanist for instruments like violin solo and I have been a witness to that.

  3. What Mr. Hariharan has commended is nonsense. but only some of his concerts his tone of nadam seemed to be like that. But most of his is a heavenly concerts as he follows the krithi. None can do this like him. Since last 3 years am hearing his disciple Trivandrum K Sundareswarans playing in Culcatta (Kolkatta) resembles to the great palghat raghu style and a true desciple of Sri Palghat Raghu sir, and conversation and the speech which he shared in the stage about his experience. Guru Palghat Raghus style is a tough subject oriented style where common artists cannot follow up. Sri Trivandrum ‘sundareswarans playing even though is a open subject follows all good things of all artists a real true honest and sincere mridangist still follows the steps of his guru Sri palghat r raghu sir. We are trying our level best to get photos and post them of Sri Trivandrum Sundareswaran .K (mridangist) in this site. A versatile Mridangam Player from Kerala Trivendrum, who accompanies very fluently with all folk as well as all classical style songs of all the states in india and a wonderful entertainer in fusion with western music. We pray to god for his well being and our namaskars to the young legend guru who has more than 100 students all over india.

    Somnath Battacharya and friends ( Smt Bachan, Sri Asif Ali Khan, Sri Banerjee and friends all over India.and abroad)

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