Chalo utro aur dhakka lagaao !!!!

Have you ever come across a situation while traveling in a train where the train stopped at a signal for a long time and you saw children trying to push it from inside to make it move? Did you or someone else try to reason it out with them as to how the train cannot be made to move this way? You could very well have been wrong (at least partially) !!!!

I am not joking. Something similar was done to start a train that stopped !!!! Where else but in our own Bihar where a train driver asked his passengers to get out and push the train to get it to start. Can’t believe? Read more here and here.

ROTFL imagining the driver running from coach to coach, asking people to get out and lend the Guard a hand šŸ˜€

How about this statement: “Railway officials admitted the freak incident had no precedent, at least not in the Danapur rail division“. I can only imagine Laloo telling his boys: “Bachchon, mera matlab yeh nahi thaa jab maine tumse kaha thaa ki Railways mein kuch nayaa karo …. kuch aisa jo duniya mein kisi ne naa kiya ho pehle”

Wonder whats coming up next ….. Air Deccan pilots asking passengers to get down and push the plane šŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Chalo utro aur dhakka lagaao !!!!

  1. Quite possible. With most of their flights delayed, they can use passengers waiting for their other flights for such important tasks šŸ˜‰

    Hope they wouldn’t require a group of people to catch the plane to make it land šŸ˜‰

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