“Sivaji – The BOSS”: Review



The atmosphere outside the theater was electric. Fans were shouting “Thalaivar”, “Superstar”. Some had even bought milk from their homes and were doing “abhishekam” for the scores of cut-outs and posters of Rajinikanth that were within their reach. The movie was just starting as I entered and Rajini fans made a deafening noise as soon as the name of the movie came up on screen.

The story in brief: Sivaji (Rajinikanth) is a “Softuwear Shystem Architect” (that is what Rajini tells as his designation) who returns from where else but USA with a lot of money (I couldn’t understand how could be young and still one save about 250 crores working in the US software industry) and wants to use it to serve the poor and the needy. He is planning to start colleges and hospitals and provide free education and medical assistance. This doesn’t go well with the villain of the movie Adiseshan (Suman) , a powerful guy with deep pockets, who fears that this free education and medical care would seriously impact his own business. The corruption in the system also angers Sivaji who mouths the pleasantry “chit” in frustration (was meant to be “shit” I guess). By now you would have guessed that the movie is about how Rajini fights with the system and with Adiseshan to achieve what he desires. One sees Sivaji loose all his money, earn it all back, become the BOSS (Bachelor of Social Service ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and take revenge on all his enemies … just the way it happens in all Rajini movies. Watch the film for more.

Sivaji’s romantic interest – Tamilselvi, is played by Shriya. She looks too good whenever she appears on screen wearing traditional costumes. She is a quiet, homely, traditional girl during most part of the movie except in the songs where she changes into a glamor girl. As an aside, her website has her mother saying this as one of the reasons as to why she is able to maintain such a slim and gorgeous figure: “Do Yoga & Go to Jim on a regular basis”. Wonder who Jim is … lucky chap ๐Ÿ˜‰

Suman, who plays the villain Adiseshan, is very impressive. He speaks very less but impresses with his acting (or the lack of it). Rajini’s and Vivek’s comedy rocks. The way they try to enact scenes from other movies is just too good. Rajini even spoofs old Tamil actors while Vivek takes it out quite openly on comedy actor Vadivelu. The scene where they spoof Chandramukhi is a hilarious one. You have to watch it to enjoy the fun. One of the songs (the number “Athiradee” if I recall correctly) looks totally inspired by the movie Desperado. Rajini’s entry in this song is itself awesome. Shriya reminded me of the gorgeous Salma Hayek.

Being a die-hard fan of A.R. Rahman, I was a bit disappointed when I heard the songs just after they were released. The crappy lyrics of the songs didn’t help appreciate them in any way. But I knew they would kind of fall into place once I saw their videos because they would have been set keeping Rajini in mind and they indeed did.

The movie is unadulterated entertainment. The comedy element in the first half rules. The second half is totally stylish and a treat to all Rajini fans. Rajini is the epitome of style and Sivaji is probably his most stylish film till date. Rajini looks very young and like in his other movies has an amazing screen presence. The film is probably the best his fans could have asked for and they just went crazy whenever they saw him. They kept making noises throughout the movie. The guy sitting to my right during the first half seemed to have just lost it all. He jumped at least five feet in the air, hooted, clapped and laughed whenever Rajini spoke anything. And he would clap the loudest whenever he was about to land and that too right close to my right ear which had to bear the brunt of his madness. A child that sat to my left and looked about 4-5 years old also kept clapping and shouting whenever Rajini performed any stunt. There were people throwing up all sorts of things in the air. There were guys who were watching the movie for the second or third time though it was released only a day back. I am sure there would be people who would have watched it for more number of times already.

Overall the movie is certainly worth watching once. Like other Rajini movies, this one too is a total family entertainer.

Here are some comedy and punch dialogs I recall from the movie. The exact wordings might differ in some cases. The actual effect can be felt only when watching these delivered on screen.

Rajini:”Kadachavangala kattikardha vida pidichavangala kattinda thaan santhoshama irukkalaam”

Rajini:”Saagara naazh therinju pochu naa vaazhara naal naragam aayidum”

Rajini:”It’s a coincidence, daum (damn) it”

Rajini:”Kanna panneenga thaan koottama varum …. singam single-aa thaan varum”

This is how Vivek starts off his comedy in the movie: “They are the producers of Sivaji …. Sivaji appa, amma nu sonnen”

Shriya sings “Theeradha Vilayattu Pillai Kannan Theruvile Pengalukku Oyadha Thollai”. Vivek says: “Stop it. Ethana varushathukku thaan Kannane vilayaadindiruppan?”

Vivek picks up phone in a Police Station and says: “Indha station la ellarum out of station”

Vivek takes a look at Rajini’s color and remarks: “Partha paal kudichu valandavan madhiri theriyaliye …. decoction kudichu valandha madhiri na irukkan”. Rajini asks his mother:”Yen maa enna karuppa petha?” His mother replies: “Vellai aa irundha azhukku aayiduva nu thaan”

When Solomon Pappayya introduces his two daughters who are very dark in complexion: “Idhu Angavai, idhu Sangavai”. Vivek says: “Romba Pongavai-chuteenga polarukku”

Some snaps for your viewing pleasure:

Naan oru tharam nadandha nooru road-roller urunda maadhiri ๐Ÿ˜‰




































(Pictures courtesy: http://movies.sulekha.com )

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