Some changes

Took a decision not to post any more about live concerts I hear. Even if there are any such posts, they will be very very rare. Majority of posts should again be about Carnatic music; guess its impossible to live without it. Schedules of concerts in Chennai will continue to get posted.

For the first year or so, this blog was fully about ISB and my experience there. From then on, till this point, it was primarily about details of concerts I heard. It’s time to change gears again.

37 thoughts on “Some changes

  1. Am not in Delhi … Have been squatting my ass in Mumbai for almost a year now… And I shall not drive down to chennai… I shall fly down and you better come pick me at the Airport when I do that … In a Air Conditioned car… And bring KS along…
    BTW , U got yourself a lot of footage about chaging the content of your blog … Howcome you havent updated anything then ???

  2. Ford,

    I shall be there at the airport with SK … not with a car but to watch you haggle with your dear most friends – the autowallas. I bet you will ask them for air-conditioned autos after hearing the fares they charge 😉

    Make sure you don’t sit near the emergency exit in the plane 😉

    Will resume posting in end-July or early-Aug.

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