Some changes

Took a decision not to post any more about live concerts I hear. Even if there are any such posts, they will be very very rare. Majority of posts should again be about Carnatic music; guess its impossible to live without it. Schedules of concerts in Chennai will continue to get posted.

For the first year or so, this blog was fully about ISB and my experience there. From then on, till this point, it was primarily about details of concerts I heard. It’s time to change gears again.

Author: Ramkumar R

Leadership Coach. Musician. Educator.

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  1. Ram – In a world, where reviewers tend to focus and sometimes relish on the negatives (to approving nods from readers), your reviews were the notable exceptions and I always enjoyed them. I will indeed miss them. But I am sure you have good reasons for making this change.

    Also, as of today I am a blogger too. Have nothing useful to say yet 🙂

  2. Sri Suresh, is a nice forum with participation from a lot of people (including musicians). I am sure you would enjoy your stay there.

  3. Ram, my blog’s URL is

    I had thought last time my name would have been a hyperlink to it as I was logged in under wordpress. But for some reason it didnt. This time maybe it will but otherwise the URL above should do. BTW, I did post some carnatic related yesterday.

  4. i respect your decision.

    i was hoping that even if u do not post them here, maybe u could please provide song lists with ragas, talas, composers and abbreviations (o,r,n,s,t) where possible for the concerts you do attend. it is an odd request, but i will gladly elaborate if u can consider it for me 🙂 thanks.

  5. k,

    Unfortunately that won’t be possible since I do not intend to post about concerts I attend any more. Thanks for your understanding and support. Will be back in a week or two with fresh activity.


  6. Along with concert reviews, your reviews of lecture demonstrations were very useful to me. I felt like I was almost listening to them while reading the descriptions. If only you would reconsider your decision.

  7. Thanks Vaidy. Will continue to post excerpts from any good lec-dems I attend. I have only stopped writing about concerts.

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