Season Imsais – 1

The music season is in full swing here in Chennai. Here are some “imsais” from the first few days ……

  • Mrudangam artist keeps his instrument vertical and taps on the right side with the palm of his hand to lower the pitch of the instrument a little bit. A mami in the audience tells her neighbour “Paavam kallu kondu vara marandhu poyittar polarukku
  • A mami in the row before mine was sleeping soundly. Her snores became so loud during the concert that her neighbors decided to pat her to wake her up. Upon waking up, the mami promptly put her hand inside her “jolna pai”, brought out a pair of binoculars, pointed them towards the stage and exclaimed:“Oh! Krishna-vaa. Besh. Besh”
  • A member of my family told me that she wants me to take her to The Music Academy this time at least on one of the days while the season is on, that too at 1:00PM . I was too happy to oblige and then I heard the next sentence: “I heard that the food they serve in the canteen is out of the world”
  • Read this in an internet forum: In a Charulatha Mani “Isai Payanam” concert – “when she was singing ‘Autokkaran Autokkaran’ (of Sindubhairavi) from a Tami movie, music composed by Deva, one 60+ got up and shouted ‘gumukku inna gumukkuthan, achakku enna achakkuthan'”

The sabhas have their share as well. I went to a concert in a sabha that has this really huge hall and a really sloppy sound system. To increase the volume, they placed two extra speakers right in the middle of the hall. The result was that now you could hear everything twice … once from the speakers near the stage and just after a second from the speakers in the middle.
Enna kodumai 😦

More imsais will follow as and when I become their victim. Please feel free to share any kodumai that has happened to you.

8 thoughts on “Season Imsais – 1

  1. Hey…

    is there anyway I can find the sched of concerts (instrumental+Vocal) — either Hindustani or Carnatic @Hyderabad?

    I couldn’t find any good web sites that advertise these…

    For e.g., two days ago Ustad Zakir Hussain performed and tomorrow Mangalampalli+SPB are performing. I’ve come to know abt these too late 😦


  2. Murali,

    I used to track concerts in Hyderabad when I was there a couple of years back. I am not able to do so any longer as I am in Chennai now. I also do not know of any site that lists concerts there. Will get back to you in case I come across any such site


  3. Hi,

    One experience… I had gone to a concert where prof Trichy sankaran was accompanying. One man sitting besides me asked(half way in to the concert) antha mridangam vasikaravaru nalla vasikarar la?

    To which I replied amam… Then he said, avara patha george bush(ah) pakkara madhiri illai??? I did not know what to reply to this..

    Another incident in Coimbatore, date is 10 Dec 2006. There was a concert organised by Rajalakshmi fine arts, Coimbatore. The concert was a violin solo by M.Chandrasekaran. I was standing outside the hall before the kutcheri and talking to one of my friends. One man came and asked me when is Sudha Raghunathan’s concert about to begin… This is not chennai, so we have only one concert here… I said it is not sudha’s concert and it is MC.. That man replied, avar sudhaku thane violin vasikararu?

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