“Aarar Asaipadar” DVD Released

Charsur Digital Workstation released DVDs of Prasanna Ramaswamy’s “Aarar Asaipadar” (a documentary on Sri Sanjay Subrahmanyan) a couple of days back just before the start of Sri Sanjay’s concert for Jaya TV/ Maximum Media’s Margazhi Maha Utsavam. Being die-hard fans of Sanjay, my good friend and I had been following up with music stores about this for quite some time now. We rushed to grab our copies as soon as we saw Charsur staff unpack cartons containing the DVDs, while standing in the serpentine queue outside the auditorium.

The timing of the DVD release seems to be perfect. The music season has just started and rasikas from all over the world are trickling in. However, it is probably this timing that has resulted in a hurried release resulting in the DVD packs having very plain interiors with the discs themselves containing just the documentary. I would have loved it if the people behind the DVD had made it a collector’s edition by including more ‘value add’ content, especially since the film might be the first of its kind.

The DVD is priced at Rs. 500 and is supposed to be available in most music stores across Chennai.

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