Book: A.R. RAHMAN – The Spirit of Music

Read “A.R.RAHMAN – The Spirit of Music” today. It is a compendium of conversations that the author Nasreen Munni Kabir had with Rahman over a period of four years, all of it presented in one go (not divided into chapters/ sections per se).


  • Though a lot of the information in the book is already available in the public domain, it does carry that “authenticity” as coming straight from Rahman himself
  • There are ample details around Rahman’s thoughts on composing music, on spirituality and on life in general
  • There is a complete discography at the end of the book covering all of Rahman’s work till 2010
Some lines from the book that I really liked:
  • If you think in terms of success and failure, you can end up becoming too careful and lose the joy of creating music
  • I think people who stop thinking we’re all ordinary people, lose it all. It’s very important to stay grounded
  • Working within your own limitations can bring good results
  • As life unfolds itself to a man, the first lesson it teaches is humility; the first thing that comes to man’s vision is his own limitedness
Let downs: This book is touted as an official biography, but the way it is, I am not really sure if it can be called one. The Q&A format is fine, but it doesn’t give the book a flow.  There is really not much additional information on Rahman apart from what his fans already know about him from the public domain or from his fans email group.

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