Some interesting lec dems


Shabda has uploaded video recordings of some lec dems they had organized a few months back. These can be accessed from their web site . The lec dems uploaded are:


1) Abhinaya in a Padam – Smt. Bragha Bessell –

2) Architecture & Choreography – Shri S. Jayachandran –

3) The Aesthetics of Tisram – Shri Karaikkudi R. Mani –

4) Music in Bharathanatyam – Smt. Lakshmi Viswanathan –

5) Interpreting Sangita Bhava on the Violin – Sri V.V. Subramaniam –

6) The Handling of Raga Atana – Smt. R. Vedavalli –


Kudos to the Shabda team for organizing and sharing these lec dems with music lovers!






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