Finding time

“I have a busy schedule. I find it very difficult to sit and practice for even 30 minutes. Is there any way out?” asked a participant in my workshop yesterday on fun with music, math and rhythm.

This is something I struggled with for a long time, given especially my penchant to get into many things.

One way that has worked for me and the people I coach is to leverage the power of small steps. Small consistent steps soon add up as captured in this picture. The best part is you can apply this to almost anything, be it music, work, meditation or any subject you are learning.

For example, you can practice music for a few minutes in-between other activities. If you play an instrument, keep it unpacked and in a place where it is visible to you. Out of sight is out of mind! Practice in small chunks many times a day.

Where can you use this in your life today?

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