Standing out

Are you eager to stand out? How are you going about it?

Are you trying to differentiate based on something you own or have built over the years?

Or are you trying to embellish accomplishments? Representing something as bigger than what it is. A “small” enhancement to start with that may soon develop into a habit to exaggerate. Especially, as you grow up the ladder.

For example,
“I was a part of the team that …” may become “I led the team that …”. Over a period of time it may morph into taking sole credit.    
Or misstating of numbers – revenue, profit, cost saved etc.

Trust is an important aspect of building your life and career. When you exaggerate, you seed distrust. People do see through eventually, if not immediately.  

Be connected to reality. Avoid exaggeration.

“If you add to the truth, you subtract from it.” – The Talmud

Photo by Em M. on Unsplash

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