Mindfulness and Business

“I hear a lot about mindfulness and living in the moment. How will that help me in my business?” asked a CEO recently.

Each one of us have our ways of seeing things. Old ways based on what may have happened in the past. Old ways based on our assumptions. Our ways of seeing things as they happen thus may be very different from what is actually happening in front of us. Very different from the actual experience.

Living in the moment helps us come from a pure state of awareness. A state that is not colored by what we already know. A state that makes us open to experience what is happening in front of us as-is. Open to receive ideas. Open to receive intuitions. At home or at work or anywhere else.

We respond to what is unfolding rather than react based on our old ways.

The impact this has in life or in business is tremendous.

Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash

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