“The pandemic has intensified again. My friend goes to office on alternate days. I doubt if he does any work. I go to office every day and slog it out” said a coachee in a coaching session a few weeks back. He also added that he was getting severe headaches in the past few months.

This coachee is a very strong advocate of working from office. He believes that people who work from home are “vetti” (Tamil word for “idle” or “jobless”).

One thing usually happens in coaching sessions. The beliefs/ preconceived notions we have get exposed. Once exposed, they are found to be either true or false. In either case, doubts that arise from the belief get dissolved. This is at the mind level.

At the body level, beliefs cause certain feelings or patterns of behavior. What happens to them when the beliefs get exposed? They dissolve in due course of time, since they no longer get their nourishment from the beliefs.

In the coaching sessions, the coachee and I worked on this and a few other beliefs of his. The headaches were gone in a few days.

What are the beliefs that are holding you back? Giving you headaches or other physical/mental/emotional trouble?

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

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