Bicycle or car?

There is this coachee who recently gave up going to work in expensive cars. He said he had attended a training on how attachment and ego causes suffering. He said his attachment was to his expensive cars. He identified with this egoic image of his as a person who traveled in them. He said this was a cause of bloated ego and suffering.

He started riding to his office in a bicycle. A great choice for his health and for the environment. He thought this will rid him of worries and suffering. But soon he developed another image of his. Of someone who is superior to those driving around in expensive cars. He gave up one attachment for the other.

When I try to detach myself from one external thing or form using another, my mind starts identifying more with the other form. When I try to get rid of one attachment, another one may slip in without my knowing.

The trick is to not derive my sense of identity from any of the forms. And connect to something deep within me that is formless.

Photo by Yaopey Yong on Unsplash

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