Helping handle grief

This is a very difficult time for many of us. One of the companies I consult with has a majority of their employees in Delhi and is taking a hard hit. As I was going through past research, I came across this HBR article “Helping your team heal” by grief expert David Kessler. Here is a short summary that may be helpful to many:

Every individual may need help with his or her grief. The support needed is different and depends on which of the following groups they belong to.

1) The worried well are healthy but concerned. About loss of normalcy. About all the news coming in. About what the future holds. Work may help distract them from their worries.

2) The affected have either been sick themselves or experienced trauma first hand. Accommodation and validation will help them. Some may need counseling.

3) The bereaved have lost a loved one. They need time and space to be able to eventually move towards acceptance.

Please keep the above in mind as you help yourself and your employees deal with this painful time.

Photo by Karim MANJRA on Unsplash

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