sleep – where art thou ?

Assignment submissions continue and stretching into the wee hours of the morning is becoming more of a routine. My classes this term start at 8:30AM in the morning and lack of proper sleep over the past few days has been playing upon me. Decision models and Optimization is an interesting subject and Prof Anjani Jain teaches it really well. But his class is usually the first one in the morning and I am unable to concentrate due to lack of sleep. The only thing that seems to sympathize with us here is the weather. Its been drizzling intermittently and the weather is just perfect for doing anything other than studies.

Markstrat results for the previous period are out and we did fairly well . Its too early in the day to conclude anything though. With decisions to be submitted twice a week, Markstrat is going to take away a significant chunk of our time.

It was Prof Akbar Zaheer’s last class with us today. He is a good speaker and has lots of knowledge gained from extensive reading. But the one thing which I disliked in him the most was the excessive importance he gave to class participation. Some people were speaking just for the sake of speaking and asking some really common/stupid questions just because marks were at stake and because most of the others were asking questions too. Unregulated/excessive class participation results in a severe hit on learning. Its just 10 classes per subject per term and we usually have 2 professors coming one after another for most of the subjects. This means there are just 5 classes per professor and it is very important to get the most out of the really good faculty we get here, in these limited number of classes. In this regard, I liked Prof Rajeshwar Upadhyay, who took our leadership development programme in Term 1. With him, we had controlled class participation. He would also not take up questions in class once they started eating into the time planned for successive discussions. Class participation has never been this bad an issue till now as it has become in Prof Zaheer’s classes.

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