Time management

Managing time is very important here if you do not want to get bogged down by stress and people try to do it in ways that suit them. At the micro level, for instance, we were thinking of cutting short the time we take to finish our breakfast & dinner during exam times. We were targeting to finish dinner within 10-15 minutes yesterday but then ended up talking, talking and talking to other batchmates on the dinner table. Took us an entire 50 minutes go get back to our apartment.

Sarovar, the hotel chain that does the catering, housekeeping etc here, is also doing its bit to keep us kind of busy. For instance, they had this “Italian Nite” day before yesterday with a “live” pasta counter wherein we could get the chefs to make pasta with whatever ingredients we wanted (out of the ingredients available there). Dining hall was crowded and it took us a lot more time than expected to get our choice of pasta made. In general, I really like the breakfast we get here … not that I hate lunch or dinner. You can have a really healthy breakfast and also have a lot of items to choose from.

Time to start studying … its 6AM now. I am happy that I woke up early, thanks to my flatmates who kind of slog it out in the night and are usually nearing the fag end of their day by the time I get up. Its like office days when colleagues in US used to slog it out in the night and would pass on the baton to you in the morning. The only difference is that there cannot be collective yet mutually exclusive studying done for the exams here and I cannot benefit from the fact that my flatmate has read the thing. Slept at 10PM yesterday which makes it a healthy 7 hours of sleep … not healthy for study purposes though, especially during the exams.

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