My quaddies

Quaddies is how we refer to people who share a “shared” apartment (also called a quad) here. 4 quaddies share a quad .. now wasn’t that kind of obvious? My quaddies are KP, V & A.

KP flies off to Delhi as soon as the last exam of a term gets over. There is a lot of doubt in our minds as to whether he actually goes home or elsewhere. He comes back usually on the morning of the day the new term starts. Packs off some 20 kg stuff in his big suitcase when he leaves. God knows what he carries everytime … dowry is what we suspect. He is also the guy who studies the most.

V has gone cuckoo after buying new set of speakers for his age old laptop. Keeps listening to all kinds of crap throughout the day. If you ever come to ISB and happen to see a guy in a sleeveless shirt flexing his muscles, it is V. There is another guy who also roams around wearing sleeveless shirts but the absence of muscles is apparent.

Then there is A ….. the brainy chap. The following are activities that he spends most of his time on (percentages are indicative and might vary from day to day):
1) Playing computer games – 60%
2) Watching TV – 15%
3) Stock trading – 5%
4) Acad related work – 5%
5) Sleeping et al – 15%

Computer games is what he can be found playing most of the time; has even played games throughout the night many times. He has a very powerful memory ….. just has a glance at all the study material of a “faffy” subject a few hours before the exam and everything gets photocopied in his short term memory. He is also very strong in subjects that have a lot of quant involvement.

Finally, there is me. Most part of my day is spent sleeping. When I am not doing that, I can be found either talking to someone who falls prey to having a conversation with me or checking my mails or attending(?) a lecture, dead like a log.

2 thoughts on “My quaddies

  1. R is busy talking, sharing jokes, and playing his mirdanga. The only thing that he dint tell about himself is that he is called “Funny Ram” – “Tiger Ram”. He keeps rest of his quadies awake with his loudspeaker clad alarm which buzzes every half an hour from 12 in the night till 7 in the morning and he is source of all interesting stuff for the quad.

    ~A (Ram’s Quadi)

  2. i can bet on the above. saala…shakal se to itna bhola lagta hai…sit with him for 5 mins…saara kameenapan nikal aata hai…!! 🙂

    an absolute fun to be with…

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