BCG Session

Just came back from a 2.5 hr BCG session on resume building & insights into BCG’s recruitment process. Almost the entire student community was out there and it was very difficult to even find a place to stand.

My study group for the logistics elective has spent most of today’s time on the logistics & supply chain assignment. Its been a long time since we had an assignment that consumed so much of our time. Future assignments are predicted to be even tougher.

Have attended one lecture each of four of the five courses I have taken this term. The most impressive of the lot was the “Marketing Implementation” lecture by Prof. Nirmal Gupta. Every new term seems to throw up a better marketing prof than we have had before (almost all the profs have been good). Prof Nirmal Gupta, in my opinion, is the best of the lot. There was a lot of expectation from the lecture after having heard a lot about him & after having seen people bid like crazy for his course. I came out from the class more than satisfied and with my interest level in marketing going up even higher. Looking forward to a lot of learning from the remaining 9 lectures of this course.

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