The Music Season

The Music Season” refers to the festival of music and dance held annually by many sabhas (organizations that arrange concerts) in the city of Chennai (Madras) in the months of December & January every year. Very popular among fans of Indian Classical Music, especially among fans of Carnatic Music, the season involves performances by almost all top-class artistes of the country (and from abroad). Fans from all over the world flock to Chennai during this time. The good part about the season is that there are so many concerts happening everyday at so many places that you have a wide variety of artistes to choose from and hear. Sometimes it gets really confusing as to which concert to go to when you have all your favorites performing on the same day. Was fortunate enough to be there in Chennai for 2-3 days during the last 2 seasons. Sanjay Subrahmanyam and T.M.Krishna are my favorite singers and I attended as many concerts of theirs as I could. Don’t think I will get a chance to go there this year, courtesy acads @ ISB.

To get more details on this year’s season, please click here. The concert schedules have not been posted yet; must be coming soon.

4 thoughts on “The Music Season

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  2. Hi Vijay,

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